The Roots of Success: Founding in 1962

The history of our winery has deep roots dating back to 1962, when founder Egidio Corradi conceived the dream of creating a noble wine that would enhance the scents and flavors of his homeland with the elegance he loved so much. Born into a Polizian family of ancient nobility and with a degree in Economics and Commerce, Egidio spent most of his life between Genoa and Milan, devoting himself to his work as an international broker.

The Renaissance of the Farms: Transformation and Growth

Egidio's destiny led him in 1962 to purchase two small, semi-abandoned farms in Cervognano di Montepulciano, Tuscany. These lands, previously used for annual crops, became the centerpiece of his visionary project. The arrival of his daughter Paola Corradi and her husband Ippolito De Ferrari in the 1960s breathed new life into Poderi Boscarelli, turning it into a successful winery, thanks to their determination and dedication.

A Passion That Is Passed on from Generation to Generation

Paola and Ippolito started the cultivation of the first specialized vineyards with a density of 3500 vines per hectare. Together, they built the first winery, renovating and adapting the old stables. Today, the third generation represented by Luca and Nicolò De Ferrari continues to preserve the original spirit of the winery. With passion and commitment, they dedicate themselves to wine production, keeping the family legacy alive.

The Varieties of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Poderi Boscarelli's production focuses mainly on Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, constituting 80 percent of our total production. Each year we produce about 100,000 bottles, distributed in different types according to aging and grape selection. This wine, renowned and admired, represents the heart of our cellar, with variety that include Wine Noble Montepulciano Annata, Reserve and Reserve "Sotto Casa", between the other.

Beyond Wine: Varied Offerings and Unique Products

In addition to the main production of Vino Nobile, we offer a varied selection of other high quality wines. These include "Boscarelli dei Boscarelli," Rosso di Montepulciano "Prugnolo" and Rosso De Ferrari I.G.T., which are excellent options for our discerning customers. In addition, our winery also produces extra virgin olive oil, Vin Santo and Grappa, adding a touch of artisanal excellence to our product range.