Boscarelli, family passion

Paola, Luca and Nicolò De Ferrari Corradi are the beating heart of Boscarelli. Originally from Genoa, we are rooted in our family history and determined in our path. Over the years, we moved to Tuscany, finding a new dimension of life in Cervognano di Montepulciano. How do we describe Boscarelli to those who do not know us? It is much more than just a winery: it is the result of fifty years of passion and dedication of a Genovese family. For us, Boscarelli represents not only fine wines, but the authentic expression of our passion and daily commitment. Those who approach the great Tuscan reds find in our wines and in our cellar the same passion that animates everything we do.

Paola De Ferrari Corradi

The daughter of Egidio Corradi, founder of Boscarelli, Paola has been involved in the winery's production since the 1960s. After the tragic loss of her husband Ippolito in a car accident in 1983, Paola took over the winery, with her sons Luca and Nicolò still teenagers. Mrs. Paola, what prompted her to continue this challenge alone? "It was a real challenge: few believed I could do it alone. I had always been loved, but also considered a bit spoiled by my father and then my husband Ippolito. The difficulty of suddenly finding myself alone awakened my inner strength, which had always been there but I had never needed to demonstrate."

Luca De Ferrari

Born in Genoa in 1966, Luca De Ferrari began his career with the intention of becoming a diplomat, studying political science. However, since 1988 he decided to devote himself to winemaking, working with his mother Paola and the company's winemaker, Dr. Castelli. Today, Luca is mainly involved in wine styling and vineyard work. Working closely with the company enologist and Dr. Castelli, he focuses on finding elegance, character and personality in Boscarelli's wines. The winery aims for innovation, never forgetting the Etruscan roots of the Cervognano area. The challenge is to find the balance between innovation and tradition, infusing Boscarelli wines with the fragrance and aromatic richness of the surrounding vineyards.

Nicolò De Ferrari

Born in Genoa in January 1969, Nicolò De Ferrari began his studies with a classical high school diploma and a stint in agriculture at the University of Perugia, then enrolled in Architecture in Genoa. However, in 1997 he decided to move to Tuscany. Architecture and wine may seem like an unusual combination, but for Nicolò the passion for construction has always been there. However, the desire to contribute to the management of the family vineyards and the winery renovation project led him to change course. Moving to the winery, Nicolò set out to innovate vineyard management and lead the expansion of the winery. His architectural vision and passion for wine merge, contributing to Boscarelli's growth and evolution.