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Pruning is over..  It’s time to “tie”


Pruning is over and our work in the vineyard continues with a ligature.
This work it consist in to link the two branches left in pruning (the fruit branches) to the guide wire, allowing during the spring the proper vegetation of all  the buds.

An homogeneous distribution of the lymph to all the shoots , balance the growth guaranteeing the achievement of constant quality levels by all the clusters.

The branches are very delicate and fragile, and require experience, care, constant attention during the work, sensitivity in understanding the suffering of the plant and the maximum limit of stress that the branch can bear.     Vessel damage , as you might guess, can be translated into almost total impairment of the production capacity of the plant.

As in the case of the pruning, the practice of tying the branches is therefore not an operation that leaves carelessness space.

To work in the vineyard are required passion, experience, love for the vines!

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The Vino Nobile Previews followup



Here by some articles:

Repubblica.it  “Anteprime Toscane: Vernaccia in grande ascesa, qualche dubbio sul Nobile di Montepulciano”

Winenews.it  “Anteprima Nobile 2017”: Nobile 2014 non così male come losi dipingeva, Obbiettivo piacevolezza raggiuntoda quasi tutti i produttori. La top 10 di winenews.”

Slowwine  “E se provassimo a cambiare il disciplinare del Vino Nobile? Cronaca dell’Anteprima a Montepulciano”

Ilsommelier.com “Anteprima Toscana 2017”

Intravino ” Anteprime Toscane 2017. Nobile di Montepulciano, sostenibilitĂ  e lampi di luce green ma l’annata 2014 lascia il segno

Acquabuona.it ” Vino Nobile di Montepulciano: l’annata 2014 e la Riserva 2013

Anteprime di Toscana – Anteprima Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2017 #reportage Degustation exceptionnelle 50 ans du Vino Nobile #tasting


March’s appointment

March the 4th, 5th an 6th 

we will partecipate at the event


The event will be in the following address :


Pisa G. Galilei (PSA) – 38 km
Viareggio – 4,0 km
A 11 uscita/exit Viareggio– 4 km
A 12 GE-LI casello Versilia – 8 km
Carrara Fiere – 33 km
Stazione di Viareggio – 4,5 km
43°54’20.9″ N
10°13’01.1″ E

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March the 8th in New York

we will partecipate at the event

Organized by James Sukling


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From 19 to 21 March

We will be at the

Prowein 2017      at     Alle 16 stand C42


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March the 26th in Florence

we will partecipate at the event

I Vini Giusti

The event will be in the following address at 16.00:

AC HOTEL – Via Luciano Bausi, 5 – 50144 Firenze  (www.ac-hotels.com)





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