Boscarelli, the passion of a family.




Paola, Luca and Nicolò De Ferrari Corradi: Who we are.
“We are Genoese, a people deeply attached to the roots of our family, and quite determined. Over the years our lives have moved progressively to Tuscany, where we now primarily live to do our job the best we can. We arrived in this stunning corner of Tuscany bravely facing a daunting path. Today Cervognano fully encompasses our lives. Here we have found a new dimension.” .

How would you describe Boscarelli to those who do not know you?
“Boscarelli is a small estate in Montepulciano where a Genoese family has been making wine for 50 years. We are certain that quality can be achieved only through commitment and dedication. The passionate person and the curious person who approach the world of the great Tuscan reds must find in our winery and wines our most authentic passion.”


Members of the family





Paola De Ferrari Corradi, daughter of Boscarelli founder Egidio Corradi, has been producing small cellar vintages since the ’60s. Paola took over the reins of the estate in 1983 when her husband Ippolito died in a car accident. Their children Luca and Nicolò were then just 16 and 13 years old.

Ms. Paola, despite the difficulty of being alone in running the business, what made you continue to face the challenge that has finally turned into success?
“Actually I do think it has been a real challenge — almost no one then thought that I could be capable of handling everything by myself. I must confess that I had always been loved as a girl, but also considered a bit spoiled both by my father and then by my husband Ippolito. But the difficult circumstances have pulled out that strong part of me that had always really been there, but never previously had the chance to prove itself”.





Luca De Ferrari was born in Genoa on February of 1966. After receiving his high school diploma, he attended the School of Political Science at Genoa University with the desire to pursue a diplomatic career. In 1988 he instead began to work with his mother and Dr. Castelli and personally began dealing with wine production.

Luca, today you work alongside the Boscarelli oenologist. Please tell us about your role as a producer and winemaker.
“My contribution has always been more on the stylistic level than strictly technical, an aspect that we recently entrusted to our oenologist Ms. Mary in addition to our long-standing cooperation with Dr. Castelli.”
“I am certain that my possible career as a diplomat would not have distracted from my passion and enthusiasm for these lands. But events made me solely a winemaker, so I simply added greater dedication and competence to my passion. Today we not only continue to seek elegance, character and personality, but also pleasure, in our wines. I believe that our estate is among the most innovative in Montepulciano.”
“We never forget the link with tradition and the Etruscan roots of this particular place Cervognano. The challenge is to tame and give balance to the richness and complexity that this stunning territory expresses. Every year, we wait for the harvest with incredible emotions. We always hope we are able to infuse our wine with the fragrance and aromatic richness of our grapes.”




Nicolò De Ferrari was born in Genoa in January of 1969. After high school, and a period of attendance at the Agrarian University of Perugia, he chose the School of Architecture in Genoa. In 1997 he decided to move to Tuscany.

Nicolò, how do you explain this particular combination of architecture and wine? Can you tell us more?
“The family tells me I received my first toolbox at age 5 and immediately began working with wood. Building has always been my passion. For some years I thought that it would have been my true career.”

What made you change your mind?
“In ‘97 I decided to join the estate to live a life over here. At that time we were renovating the vineyards and changing planting patterns — so many things were evolving. We were also planning a substantial expansion of the cellar in different stages. So I moved to follow a great project.”.