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1) The Wine Tasting: 10€ pax

4 wines tasting with a full explanation of the specific winemaking, experiencing all the differences and distinctions.

The tasting have a duration of about half an hour.


2) The Visit: 15€ pax

We will start with an overview of the Boscarelli estate, our environment, our philosophy and the romantic vision of the De Ferrari Corradi family starting wine production in 1968.

Visiting our vineyard we’ll explain our grape varieties, technical solutions and methods.

Inside our cellar guests will see how we ferment and age our wines, depending on vats or casks used.

Four wines for tasting: one of ours I.G.T. red wine, Rosso di Montepulciano D.O.C, Vino Nobile and Vino Nobile Riserva D.O.C.G., to understand their differences and peculiarities.

Visit lasts 1 hour.


3) The Comparative Tour: 30€ pax

Some informations about Boscarelli winery and its owners, the De Ferrari Corradi family.

We’ll get a walk in our vineyard speaking about the soil composition and its interaction with our local and international grape varieties, comparing old and modern style of implant and pruning techniques.

In our cellar, after explaining our winemaking methods, we’ll focus on the different aging techniques using oak, stainless steel or concrete and the differences occurring in our wines depending on the choice done.

The wine tasting will be done with two glasses per guest, comparing the six wines in total two at a time:

-To begin, comparing our entry level I.G.T. with Rosso di Montepulciano D.O.C. (experiencing the differences given by the different blend of grapes and the different winemaking/aging techniques).

– We will continue with two different vintages of Vino Nobile D.O.C.G (the current vintage and an old one), experiencing its aging potential as well as its peculiarities.

– We will finish with the comparison of our two Vino Nobile Riserva D.O.C.G.; the first in traditional style (only with native grapes), the second done in a “modern style” (using international varietals in addition to Sangiovese), which is a selection of grapes from a single vineyard as well.

Visit lasts 1 hour and half.


4) Traditional Wines of Montepulciano: 40 € pax

A brief historical recap of the Boscarelli winery and the De Ferrari Corradi family followed by an overview of our production area.

We will visit our vineyard focusing on farming techniques and pruning styles linked to our tradition, then, examining the nature of our alluvial soils divided into stratified zones to understand our environment.

Deep explanation of our native varieties: Sangiovese (known in Montepulciano as “Prugnolo Gentile”), Canaiolo, Colorino and Mammolo, discovering their distinctive characteristics and their use in our wines.

Once inside the cellar, in addition to unveiling our winemaking techniques, we will see how our D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. will age following different procedures before bottling.

Five wines for tasting: Our Rosso di Montepulciano D.O.C., Vino Nobile D.O.C.G., Vino Nobile Riserva D.O.C.G. and two of our most requested wines. Our special selections of 100% Sangiovese, selected in vineyards that characterize our terroir and give the maximum expressiveness to our Vino Nobile; of this two excellences very few bottles are produced just in the best vintages.

Visit lasts 1 hour and half.


5) Educational Tour: 50€ pax

This is the most complete tour, dedicated to those who want to understand our land, our winery and our methods as thoroughly and as detailed as possible.

Overview on Boscarelli winery history, the land and the philosophy of the De Ferrari Corradi family.

On the outside, visiting different vineyards, we will see and compare all the grape varietals we use, their differences, implanting and pruning methods, besides their placement depending on altitude, microclimate and soil composition.

In the fermentation room we will explain how the various cuvées are selected and separated and how our “Piede di Fermentazione” (mother yeast) is created to trigger them; We will then explain the differences occurring during fermentations done in steel vats or wooden casks, showing the procedures involved in this processing phase.

In the aging rooms we will show how our selections continue the malolactic fermentation and the following aging, comparing the differences of the various woods used, the reasons for our choices and the influence they will have in our wines. We will dedicate a space to understanding the aging requirements for our D.O.C. and D.O.C.G.

For the wine tasting each guest will have two glasses to taste the wines on offer.

There will be eight wines and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

– Two of our young wines (I.G.T. and D.O.C.)

– Two Vino Nobile D.O.C.G. (the current vintage and an old vintage)

– Our two Vino Nobile Riserva D.O.C.G.

– Our I.G.T. Supertuscan

– Our Vinsanto D.O.C. (subject to availability, due to the limited production)

– Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, tasted on the bruschetta bread

Visit lasts 2 hours.



During the wine tasting will be possible to add a dish of local products (salami and cheeses) for €5 extra per person.


For PRIVATE tours €8 extra per person will be charged.

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