Six Tuscan producers of Montepulciano: Salcheto, Poliziano, La Braccesca (Antinori), Dei, Boscarelli, and Avignonesi – strongly believe that now is the time to elevate and preserve a wine of true nobility, the Tuscan wine par excellence: the Nobile.

The group is committed to the qualitative rebirth of the Vino Nobile and to a worldwide coordinated promotional effort and their intentions are defined in the very basic Manifesto.

The producers of the Alliance have very diverse stories and backgrounds but they all share a common dedication to Nobile’s rediscovery. They are all directly involved in the day to day life of the winery and are committed to giving the proper voice to the Nobile, among Italy’s highest quality wines.

The Alliance first events shall take place in NYC on the 18th and 20th May. For this occasion, the six winemakers of the Alliance have harmonized their work, exchanged their views to craft six special cuvées with nothing else but their very best 2015 Sangiovese. Diversity without disparity was their challenge. When they tasted the result, the six Nobiles left them speechless. None of them preferred their own.

“Individual humility and collective pride is probably the best definition of nobility.”

To learn more about the Alliance check out their website.

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